Rijeka Campus - Student restaurant

7100 m2
University of Rijeka
1st prize - competition 2004, completed
Mirela Bošnjak, Mirko Buvinić, Maja Furlan-Zimmerman, Ivan Galić
Sandro Lendler
  • 1/4 24.0 mm 11.0 200
  • 1/200 17.0 mm 13.0 200
  • 1/100 17.0 mm 13.0 200
  • 1/320 24.0 mm 13.0 200
  • 1/8 118.1 mm 13.0 200
  • 1/8 19.0 mm 11.0 200
  • 1/320 45.0 mm 11.0 200
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Text by Vera Grimmer in Oris magazine

A House for Future Times


Oris #72

Nomination for award by Croatian Architecture Association

Viktor Kovacic Award for the best building in 2011


Zagreb Society of Architects 

The Student restaurant was built on the basis of the first prize won on public competition for the first  phase of student dormitory and restaurant at the University campus on Trsat in Rijeka. Part od the competition was also a design for admistration offices for Student centre and seven pavilions with a total of 1600 beds for the needs of student accomodation. The main volume of the restaurant building was defined by the detailed plan of the University campus. Taking parts away from the default volume created the passage to the terrace and the terrace on the 1st floor, the economic passage and the entrance porch on the ground floor thus achieving spatial and functional division of the object.

The project explores concept and appearance on the use and interpretation of concrete, namely concrete construction, since it had to meet different requirements from the lowest to the highest level: garage, large indoor and outdoor spaces without walls, large consoles, permanent and robust façade -all this would not be possible without concrete with all its constructive and aesthetic properties. All parts of the façade that are not glazed are suspended with prefabricated reinforced elements that are only impregnated and left in the natur version. In addition, the architectural solution envisages the three representative staircases, which are fully constructed as prefabricated reinforced concrete made of brushed cement with black pigment and light-colored aggregate. The facility has two entrances, of which the western connects to the main pedestrian axis of the university campus with a series of faculties, while the east is located next to the student street with the pavilion of student accommodation.

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