FOI Faculty of Organization and Informatics + Hotel

Education, Hospitality
9700 m2
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Organization and Informatics
competition entry
Ivan Galić
Goran Mraović, Kristina Martinec, Tamara Barišić, Mladena Ahmetović, Aida Botonić

FOI is located in an extremely valuable location located on the edge of the historic center of Varazdin. The existing facility villa Orsic with new hotel and new building FOI will make a unique urban composition. Segmentation of the building volume contributes to integration with the surrounding urban structure with the predominantly irregular, fragmented morphology of smaller volumes. 

The building is located in the northern part and it is oriented east-west. The height of the building is minimal with respect to the program. Faculty provides a rational building with a corridor and sequencing of functional groups with overlapping and specific internal connections.

The importance of energy efficiency has caused the building to maximum southern orientation. Great importance was given to the possibilities of external use and enable independent access to the large lecture hall and library on the first floor. 

The new hotel and faculty share the same identity marks - pitched roof and freely laid pattern of the individual parts of buildings.


Pedestrian areas are associated with the access to hotel and city surrounding footpaths. North routed facility takes advantage of context in a way that provides high-quality utilization of pedestrian areas to access market and the park on the south side.

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