Baška Waterfront

Tourism, Public space
Baška, Krk
33500 m2
Baška Municipality
2nd prize - public competition
Ivan Galić
Rea Vidović, Robert Bodiš, Vilijam Petrović, Darija Turina, Goran Denk, Ana Osrečak

The area of competition is located within the historic centre of Baška. The work proposes a phase development of the coastal zone of the settlement of Baška. Due to the size of area and the phase of realization of the project, the project is divided in sections: Palada street, Marjan Park, the Palada beach and the coastal part of the port area of Baška.

The urbanistic concept of Palade follows the stratification of the city grid and along the coastal line forms a public-walking area separated from the buildings by a zone of green islands, creating extensions and characteristic microenvironments that can accommodate different purposes depending on the requirements and timing. For the Marjan park, the project focuses on improvement of communication elements, accessibility and connectivity of the park, Palade and Zvonimir streets, which is achieved by reshaping the existing slope in the series of cascades with low supporting walls that accompany the existing contours.

The beach is formed from west to east according to specific purposes and is divided into sports and recreation area, beach for disabled persons, family beach, beach for water sports and beach for pets. The coast in the harbour focuses on the traffic, walking and trail surfaces of the palade. The floating stage is predicted as a attraction within the protected aquatorium of the port for events, concerts, exhibitions, artistic installations and performances or the outdoor pool.

Results of competition for Baška Waterfront 

2nd prize for NOP Studio


Zagreb Society of Architects (DAZ)

The project sought to maximize the possibility of using space for public, social and entertaining activities, but with the valorization and articulation of the ambients and cultural and historical data.

The development of tourism becomes the engine of development of communal infrastructure and public space.


The project for Baška Waterfront shows how tourism is used in the function of developing small communities on the Adriatic coast like Baška. Future investment, landscaping and maintenance of the coastline is possible only through a sustainable approach in the development of tourism in smaller places on the coast.

Although engineered integrally, the project envisages several segments that enable phase construction. In this way, individual segments are designed to be individually realised without compromising the realisation of the whole. At the same time fragmentation allows the preservation of the authenticity of the smaller coastal place.

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