Plant observation deck in Dubravica

Tourism, Public space
35 m2
Municipality of Dubravica
Ivan Galić
Robert Bodiš
Bosnić i Dorotić
  • 0.3 28.0 mm 11.0 100
  • 1/210 4.7 mm 2.2 100
  • 1/60 50.0 mm 7.1 100
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The plant observation platform is located within the Botanical Special Reserve Dubravica which is home of a valuable habitat of peat plants. Bogs are special aquatic habitats in which specific vegetation of bogs grow. Bogs area is under special protection and is located in the Dubrava forest near Dubravica. Bogs in Croatia are especially rare due to specific habitat conditions such as low temperatures and high humidity for which peat plants have evolved special adpatations. Cret is one of the last remaining sites of round-leaved (Drosera rotundifolia)“ in Croatia. Round-leaved sundew is a critically endangered species and a protected carnivorous plant. As the plant cannot get all the necessary nutrients from the soil, the sundew compensates for the rest by catching insects. Its name comes from the small transparent drops that the plant secretes on the leaves, and they resemble dew (Drosera comes from the Greek word drosos - dew). Round-leaved sundew as an endemic plant is located on the coat of arms of the Municipality of Dubravica. It has medicinal properties, has no odor, has a bitter taste and cures respiratory diseases.

Platforms are necessary for marking and protection of natural habitats and preservation of endemic vegetation in Croatia. The platform allows safe access and observation of peat plants without endangering the habitat.

The project is characterized by the discreet design and use of wood material that has a connection with nature and traditional construction. By using black burnt Japanese wood using the Shou sugi ban method, it ensures the durability and resilience of the timber.

The new platform is partially covered, so sun protection is provided. In combination with the black wood, mirror metal strips were used on the back of the canopy which have the function of mimicking the platform by reflecting the natural environment.

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