Podgora Center

Public space, Tourism
12500 m2
Municipality of Podgora
competition entry
Ivan Galić

In the context of a small Mediterranean town with an urbanized and lively waterfront the treatment of services and restaurants is not arranged in a unique way and the unregulated plateau along the coast has great potential for new places of focus. Landscape and urban design of pedestrian surfaces with unique paving material contributes to the impression of the integrity and uniqueness of the newly renovated surfaces.

Newly renovated building in zone A uses the sources in the existing typology of smaller irregular objects. The new building wants to reconcile the needs of the new construction with the context of the Mediterranean environment. The space in addition to the enclosed space opens a whole range of outdoor surfaces on the roof of the ground floor. 

The building is permeable for connections on the ground floor and over the roof of the building. There is great flexibility in the content and size of individual parts that can be changed and customized depending on the real needs of future users.

The new park follows the formative layout elements of the new building and thus makes it a unique whole. The islands of greenery around the perimeter have denivelieted elements so that their length and surface make the spaces suitable for sitting, lying or playing. 

The open-type Marina contributes to the increase of the pedestrian surfaces and the liveliness. The new building in zone C is leaning on the existing construction and simple forming elements makes the connection between the new and the old construction. It is an interpolation that accompanies the corneas and the roof of an existing object, and at the same time to prepare for future construction on the other.

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