Veteran Center in Daruvar

7680 m2
Ministry of Croatian Veterans
competition entry
Ivan Galić
Darija Turina, Robert Bodiš, Vilijam Petrović, Ana Osrečak

Location for Veteran Center in Daruvar is situated in a quiet, surrounded by forest area, which is also close to the city center. It is important to emphasize that in the vicinity of locations are health, rehabilitation, recreational and tourist facilities, which provides complementary infrastructure and provides a high level of quality of care in the future veteran center. 

Veteran center should serve as an example for the new typology that should connect social and integrative center.


Existing notch in the slope of the terrain bounded by an embankment became part of the basic concept of the Center. Sleek part became the base for a large software application of the ground floor, while the ring of rooms are arranged in two floors. Structural system enabled the sequencing of the common room and dining room in the spatial unit that enables adaptability and flexible use of these spaces. 

The designed curves of the first and second floor are placed to meet several criteria: touches the existing forest on the land around it, closing part of the forest in atrium, hallways become active participants in the events in the external shared facilities, and covers the part of the yard and the entrance. 

The ring of  rooms forms atrium on the roof of the ground floor, where they generate all the necessary requirements for the exterior spaces. The rooms are oriented toward the trees, while hallways and gym are overlooking the atrium. Convex curves share accommodation set in a range of units. In these extensions are located common areas - a kitchen and laundry facilities for users, and rooms for maids. 

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