Zlatar Bistrica Sports hall - Mies van der Rohe Award nominee

Zlatar Bistrica
2000 m2
Zlatar Bistrica Elementary school
Ivan Galić
Rea Vidović, Robert Bodiš
  • 5 14.0 mm 4.5 100
  • 1/587 4.7 mm 2.2 100
  • 1/400 17.0 mm 16.0 100
  • 1/8 15.0 mm 9.0 100
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Sports hall Zlatar Bistrica is nominated for the "Viktor Kovačić" award of the Croatian Architects' Association for 2021 (Croatian Architects' Association link).

The new sports hall in Zlatar Bistrica is designed on the site of the old sports hall which was destroyed in fire. For an existing school one partsports hall would be sufficient, but for the purposes of community and local sport clubs, a two-part sports hall was designed. The new sports hall shows the ambitions of the local community to produce spaces for larger events through sports.

The hall is a catalyst for social, recreational and sporting life that has the effect of homogenization and the increase in quality of life in the local environment.


The facility of the halls with large spans somewhat uses the logic and solutions of large warehouses  for which there are ready technical solutions that were adapted for this purpose. The façade is mainly planned as a system of prefabricated concrete elements. The walls are designed as three-layer elements with a central layer in the function of insulation, while the outer and inner surfaces are final processed in controlled conditions.

The dolomitic aggregate diabase which was used in concrete as the outer surface of the façade with dark green color, is made to resemble local materials like the Sljeme stone which is exploited and is no longer viable.

As the terrain is in a decline from east to west, and the altitude difference is approximately 4 meters, there is a spatial continuity from the elevated gallery in the level of the school square, from which you can access the sports tracks. Interior is defined by wooden laminated brackets of the roof and secondary construction. Other wooden elements are consistently used for the purpose of acoustics and equipment, as accents such as benches in the stands or lining the walls around the terrain.

The western longitudinal façade is designed with characteristic paved concrete panels that enable entrance of light into the interior, but prevent excessively sunbathing from the unfavorable west side.

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