Sports Hall Račice

Račice, Vodice
2500 m2
City of Vodice
Ivan Galić
Robert Bodiš

The new sports hall is located within the Račice sports recreation area located on the edge of the town of Vodice where there are football field with stands and accompanying facilities, a future tourist center for visitors and a central parking lot. The main entrance is designed from a covered passage located on the south-eastern corner where there is an entrance for users and spectators. The protected passage allows you to connect different levels of terrain that vary for the height of one floor from southwest to northeast.

A three-piece hall with a grandstand is designed to accommodate 500 spectators, accompanying dressing rooms and sanitary facilities, and a small trim hall with a gym. A sports field measuring approximately 27x45 m is provided, which includes a handball court, and three basketball courts that can be divided into separate segments of the hall that are used independently.

Halls with large-scale brackets somewhat use the logic of technical solutions of large halls with prefabriced elements, thus enabling faster and more economical construction. 

The southwest façade is designed with vertical, slightly rotated, prefabriced elements that serve as protection from the sun, but allow views of the interior of the sports hall and thus announce sports events at the entrance. The opposite northeast façade is solved by a glass in front of which there is a colonnade of steel frames that in addition to the function of shading serve for drainage from the roof.

The new sports hall is conceived as a modern interpretation of local Mediterranean features such as stone construction and the creation of shaded spaces.


The south-eastern wall next to the main entrance is designed with a load-bearing construction of steel profiles that carry gabine with stones. The former drywalls are interpreted by modern prefabricated construction, which in different ways includes stone, in gabions or as façade part of concrete prefabricats.

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