Svetice Handball Center

12800 m2
City of Zagreb
Ivan Galić, Vanja Ilić
Dražen Banković, Andrea Cvetko, Saša Kalanj

The location of the new handball centre is in the area of a sports-recreational character with a tradition of building several sports facilities gathered around central football stadiums and the Maksimir Forest Park. The angular position along the city avenues enables the potential creation of a new landmark. The planned location represents the last free and urbanized unfinished space in the wider area.

Content = appearance = identity


The new sports facility has the potential to change the character of the wider area area around the transport junction, and from the access square and create a center of gravity surrounding pedestrian surfaces. The requirements of the sports arena with a large number of seating for visitors are directly materialized through the exploration of the auditorium. The standings as a specific element of the arena, and their oblique transmission of forces, are conditioned by constructive elements formed as laterals and romboid elements of constructions, X-pillars. 

Demanding and specific program of sports arena on a relatively small plot is solved by grouping of open and enclosed spaces into clear units of square, park and building.

The program essentially determines the flows of movement, which condition specific sections, construction, and ultimately the outer mantle of the arena. Internal organization follows the diagramic character of the layout. The main spatial units are defined by construction. The roof of the smaller halls becomes a roofed access square. It follows that the content affects the appearance of the house and makes its identity conditional.  

The structural system of the handball arena is designed to exploit the positive properties of the materials used to the maximum. Thus, the pressure elements of the walls used a concrete grid composed mainly of compression members (utilization several times higher compressive strength of concrete).

Flows of movement are defined by the program. Cross sections is defined from the flow of movement. The structure is defined by the cross-section. The outer shell arises from the structure. The interaction of the external and internal surfaces. 

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