ALUart forum - Art Gallery of the Fine Arts Academy

Culture, Public buildings
1400 m2
University of Zagreb
competition entry
Ivan Galić
Kristina Martinec, Iva Dubovečak, Goran Mraović, Darija Turina

ALUARTFORUM - Art Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts is an integral part of the planned university campus. Main idea is to achieve a modern new exhibition space for the presentation and experience of works of art that would allow artistic dialogue and became a form of artistic forum. The concept of the project was to free ground floor which would potentiate the spatial and visual connection street -  park, and that with it has become a meeting place,  gatherings, art outdoors - exhibitions, performances etc.

Communication and service facilities are grouped in two side boxes, which also have a structural role. The central space is conceived as free and flexible space for expositions. The functional organization of space under the basic organization of the main exhibition spaces that are organized on the principle of vertically integrated white box through three floors. All exhibition spaces layout are available to accommodate different media and concepts of exposition. The main exhibition areas can be open to communication and fronts with system of rotating elements of the wall which significantly increases the functional possibilites. 

A series of four vertical stacked boxes adapts to physical and urban rules. The conceptual advantages of this spatial solution is it also frees the surface of communication that create internal system of movement. 

Transparent membrane comprises all display area and connects them together to give enhanced quality as negatives generated by subtracting the full box of glass envelope. The position of the exhibition space inside the volume of the building affects the varying degrees of brightness of individual exhibition spaces and provides a different atmosphere and exhibitions experience of works of art. This allows the visitor to experience art in different terms for different visits at different times of day, in different areas, without affecting the quality of works of art. 

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