High school and Ice rink

Education, Sport
15100 m2
City of Zagreb
competition entry
Ivan Galić
Goran Mraović, Kristina Martinec, Darija Turina, Iva Dubovečak

Complex of the new High school with gymnasium and Ice rink is designed so it could be built in phases. It is also possible to predict the phase building of the high school, sports hall and ice rink. Although designed as separate objects that can be built in stages it is a unique architectural and urban composition. All buildings are designed and conceived in a similar and consistent manner and carry a common identity marks. Volumes are projected longitudinally with the division on service and main rooms. The elongated building provides a rational and practical corridor system with sequencing of  spaces and functional groups. At the same time formal consistency is ensured with same materialization of the facade and formal language. 

Facades of Ice rink, school and sports hall are characterized by the use of similar design elements and materials. The base of building is planned from prefabricated pigmented concrete with perforations. Higher levels are glazed with panels of the same metal that works as shading.

Special attention was paid to the design of outdoor spaces the possibility of their use. The cross pedestrian pathways are designed to connect via the plot opposite streets within its corridors include hiking trails and also link different contents of the plot. 

The central square connects the newly planned street and street of Leopold Mandic, and is formed by the elevated walkways through the volume of school thus connecting the market and sports facilities. It also provides direct access and social spaces of school: multifunctional hall, library and student club. The promenade provides additional outdoor space for school holidays and work in the open, and at the level of the southern grandstand rink provides additional access to sports hall on the upper side telescopic stands. In that way maximum of crossing lines moving and meeting places is created.

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