Strojarska Complex

Mixed use, Housing
10500 m2
Cathedral College of Prebendaries
purchase prize - competition
Ivan Galić
Mladena Ahmetović, Ivana Antičić, Marina Brletić, Martina Kapuđija

The new mixed use complex in Strojarska Street is located on an extremely well-equipped and transport-connected location in Zagreb. It is located behind the Central bus station, near the Main train station, close to one of the main city avenues – the City of Vukovar Street, and across the way to the future potentially attractive neighbourhood – TŽV Gredelj complex.

It is expected that the area of Gredelj will be transformed from the area of the former industry into a space of similar typological characteristics and heights as well as the new mixed use complex with complementary facilities. The project examines the implementation and reintegration of the block, combining high and low parts of the complex to achieve the maximum surface area of the program and quality density of all spaces and flexibility in the building phase and potential possible multi-parcel formation.

Results of the public competition for Strojarska street Complex

purchase prize for NOP Studio


Zagreb Society of Architects


The complex is conceived as a whole consisting of two objects – a tower and a block. The southern part of the lot is occupied by a block of variable height which within itself forms a pedestrian square. The variable height of the block is the result of the creation of artificial topography of the block roof which becomes a public pedestrian surface. The block is organized by a simple central corridor system, but with different purposes and programs that alternate as the block gradually leaves the ground.

On the northern part of the lot there is a high tower for purpose of business and accommodation. The ground floor zone, the first floor and the basement floors are designed with public facilities and restaurants to emphasize the metropolitan character and scale of the entire complex. The planned corporate density is complemented by the public area of the square and the green roof.

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