High school of Economics

7500 m2
City of Vukovar
Ivan Galić
Boris Vidaković, Robert Bodiš, Iva Erak, Hrvoje Končar

The new High school of Economics is planned in the western part of the residential settlement of Olajnica, in the wider centre of Vukovar. A linear axis that starts in the centre of Vukovar and stretches westward along the Vuka River ends with a new school parcel. This urban axis is in the transformation phase and becoming the new city promenade. The is recognized as the most clear urbanistic route that ends with a new High school of Economics.

Due to the size of the plot, the freedom of design and positioning, but also the limitations due to flooding, the project investigated the typology of the single volume building, which combines the school and the hall, thus seeking the smallest surface built. 

Smaller construction is favorable ecological, but also practical for the execution of the terrain due to the danger of flooding a large amount of water from the river Vuka in the event of a centennial flood.

The school and sports hall are designed as a single volume where the contents of the school and sports hall are interwoven with each other using the potentials of construction, program and space. The school and the three-part sports hall become an integrated unit.

In order to optimise the length of the communication the classrooms are arranged like terraces in section. As a result there is an attractive and inner central space of multifunctional hall. The characteristic section reveals interspatial connections through all three storeys, but also the visual connection of the sports hall and the space of the school like multifunctional hall.

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